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Newborn Photographer in Northamptonshire

Baby Arlo was 6 weeks old when I went to Kirsty’s home to capture some images for her. It’s such a lovely time to document, as I always notice how much calmer both mum and baby are. Things have settled a bit - and there is a real sense that both mum and baby are finding a rhythm.

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90% of my everyday photos are taken on my phone. Being a full-time mum, life is busy! I simply use what I have on me. Sometimes I kick myself for not making the effort to get my 'proper' camera out. But 9/10 I'll take the quick phone shot of my children, over missing the moment. Having perfectly exposed, great quality images is of course important to me, but sometimes it's the imperfect, slightly blurry moment captured on your phone, that can turn out to be your favourite. 

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