There are a few key things you can do as a family to prepare for a family shoot and make the experience really enjoyable. Whilst my photography is natural and relaxed, there are certain things to think about before I come and document your family at home.


Tip 1 - Find the Light:
I’ll always search out the best light in your home. This might not be in the most obvious places you’d expect me to take a photograph. So a couple of days leading up to the shoot, it’s always good to take notice of where the light is coming through the windows the most, at the time the photo shoot is due to take place. Which rooms are the brightest? Look in unlikely places - bathrooms, spare rooms, the kitchen. If you’re not sure, then this is something I’ll help you discover on the day of the shoot anyway, but it may help you with tip no.2…

Tip 2 - Declutter!
Once you’ve found the spots with the brightest light, you can then start to declutter those rooms or spaces. I’m not there to see how tidy/ messy your house is! There is something beautiful about capturing real, lived-in homes. But it is worth thinking about what you want to remain in the photographs for years to come. Grab a couple of baskets and do a whip round with the kids moving washing, cups, coats and bags. Clear down the kitchen sides and bedside tables. Items that don’t really have a home, can be put into the baskets and just cleared out of the way whilst the shoot takes place. I often move things around during the shoot if they will be distracting in the final photograph.

Tip 3 - Pick the best time
Probably an obvious one, but think about when your little ones are at their most happiest. If waking up from their afternoon nap is when they are likely to be the most chilled, then that’s a great time to schedule the shoot for.


Tip 4 - Keep ‘em happy!
Make sure everyone has eaten before the shoot - hungry kids won’t want to take part for that long! Have dry, non-messy snacks on hand (things like cheerios or breadsticks are great). Avoid juice and chocolate - things that could stain or make a mess. Have a little incentive for young children if they are needing a little encouragement to cooperate. Small sweets or even stickers work wonders!

Just a few small tips that I hope will help you as we work together in planning your shoot xo