I thought it would be helpful to give you a quick overview of my gallery system and how it works. It’s really easy to use, but incase you’re unsure, here is a brief explanation of what you’ll get from me when I deliver your images.

After a shoot, there is normally about 1-2 weeks before you see the photos. I work carefully on each and every image and collate the best ones from the shoot. These images are then uploaded to an online gallery, which are password protected.

I will send you an email which will explain how to view the images and all the information you need to download them. The email will look a little something like this:


Once you click on the link, you’ll need to add your email address and the password provided.
Inside the gallery will look a little something like this:


Each image can be clicked on to enlarge and you’ll notice a small ‘STAR’ icon at the bottom of the image. Clicking this will add images to a ‘favourites’ section. This is helpful if you are trying to narrow down which images to print.
There are options to compare photos or view as a slideshow.


As you hover over an image, there will be a shopping cart sign - clicking on this will bring up several options for purchasing prints and products.

When it comes to downloading your images, please do this straight away and make sure you have 2 copies in different places. Whilst I keep your images online for a while, I can’t guarantee keeping them online forever!

There will be 2 options when it comes to downloading image. A High Resolution version and a Social Size version. Pretty self explanatory - the hi-res ones are for printing and the social size are for sharing online (these are of a much lower quality). Be sure to download both!

I hope you found this helpful xo