Newborn Photographer in Northamptonshire


Baby Arlo was 6 weeks old when I went to Kirsty’s home to capture some images for her. It’s such a lovely time to document, as I always notice how much calmer both mum and baby are. Things have settled a bit - and there is a real sense that both mum and baby are finding a rhythm.

These sessions are short and sweet - lasting about an hour. Sessions at 6 weeks old, tend to be shorter than a 2 week old session as it is very likely that baby will be awake for the full session. They are much more alert at this stage, and responding to you with cute noises and smiles.

I loved that I could capture some images of Kirsty and her first baby within her home - the place where you spend the majority of your time in the first few months. Here are a few of my favourite frames…